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Happy Lunar New Year!

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To celebrate the Lunar New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Pig, Mei Kanda ’19 (our Cultural Prefect) and Amy Zhao ’20 hosted a Spring Gala during the Senior School Assembly on February 6. The event included musical and dance performances by students and staff as well as the premiere performance of the Angel’s Dance Club. The audience was suitably impressed by all of the performances and those involved in the production should be congratulated for their efforts. The Angels are a group of Grade 1 students who come up to the Pemberton Woods Campus once a week to be taught dance by Amy and her classmate Annissa Granegger ’20. Amy says “Sometimes, the Angels can be too energetic and it’s hard to get their attention, but I see their enthusiasm and energy each week and it reminds me to smile more.” The dance club is Amy’s Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project, an important component of her work toward her IB Diploma.

Amy felt it was important to host a New Year celebration because in her opinion “The main purpose of running assemblies is to create unity in the school. Chinese New Year is the biggest celebration in China and I wanted to share that with my school family. Through this experience, I feel honoured to bring my own cultural traditions to GNS and to help others to find their passions in performing on stage.” PHOTO GALLERY