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Having Fun with Science

GNSGNS photo
Junior School students’ eyes were wide open as they watched science experiments on October 19 at their Friday Morning Live assembly.

Senior School science teacher Annie Vallance went to the Beach to show students a variety of different experiments, including ones with rocket fuel.

Applause rained throughout the temporary gym as Ms. Vallance blew a cloud of fire into the air and made bottle tops pop using gas.

The students also learned about friction (the resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another). Showing two books, where their pages were intertwined one by one, Ms. Vallance had many volunteers try to pry the two books apart. Because of friction, no one was successful.

While the assembly included a variety of experiments, safety was the first precaution as chemicals and fire were used. Ms. Vallance made sure to talk about safety with her audience, including the importance of wearing a white coat, goggles and tying long hair back.

Seeing how much fun science can be, Ms. Vallance may have just inspired the next generation of scientists!