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Head Shave Assembly Raises Funds to Fight Childhood Cancer

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Each year, a team of police officers rides 1,000 kilometres from the north end of Vancouver Island to the south to raise money to fund paediatric cancer research and to send children and teens with cancer to Camp Goodtimes. When Grade 8 student, Matthew Alexander, found out his aunt, Reserve Constable Diane Luszniak, would be one of the Tour de Rock riders, he and his mom began discussing how he might be able to make a connection between the ride and our school. As a kid who looks forward to going to summer camp each year, Matthew wanted to help send children who were ill to a safe place where they can go to have fun and enjoy themselves. “I think that Camp Goodtimes helps them to forget that they have cancer,” says Matthew. With the support of Ms Waugh (Young Round Square Coordinator), Ms Crossley (MYP Coordinator) and other students involved in Young Round Square, Matthew began planning a head shave assembly. They set some fundraising goals and then presented the idea to the Middle School. In true Middle School fashion, his classmates took up the challenge and quickly surpassed the initial goal of $2,000. As Ms Waugh describes it, “The great thing about Round Square is that a student who believes in something strongly can bring an initiative forward and create something pretty spectacular.” One thing that didn’t surprise anyone was how many Middle School students wanted to help. As Matthew puts it, “I think our Middle School kids are caring people and they like to fundraise to help people.” In the end, 11 students and three staff members shaved their heads:

  • Dr. Glenn Zederayko
  • Mr. Jake Burnett
  • Mr. Damon Henry
  • Matthew Alexander
  • Ava Dryden
  • Ethan Fast
  • Alex Guildford
  • James Hancock
  • Finley Hildebrand
  • Rishi Kapil
  • Cameron Little
  • Raine Orser
  • Connor Roberts
  • Jake Samphire
  • Brooke Taylor

And 6 students had their hair cut so that it could be used to make wigs:

  • Giulia Giommi
  • Tara Golonka
  • Mariel Mojica Reyes
  • Hannah Sawchuck
  • Sophia Vasko
  • Beatrix White

Some of the students, like Ava, had very personal connections to the event as they had friends or family who have suffered from cancer. Others simply wanted to help raise funds and awareness. Together, the Middle School team raised over $8,300. Well done to all who participated and supported this event.