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IB Drama 6 Culminates with a Carnival

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Ms. Kate Pagett has been teaching IB Drama 6 students about movement and physical theatre over the course of the term. After learning about the parts of the theatre, stage directions and body positions of acting, students moved on to tableaus and then to mime. To culminate the unit, students acted out a carnival scene, entirely in mime. The scene was recorded and transformed into a ‘silent film’ style video for the students to view and share with the GNS Community. “By focusing on simplicity of movement, clear and exaggerated expression, and slowing our pace, actors can communicate what they are doing and how they feel without any objects, sets or costumes,” said Ms. Pagett. In small groups, students decided on characters, relationships and activities, and then developed short scenes involving conflicts. These were woven together to create a busy and boisterous carnival. “The students are thrilled with the final video and very impressed with the result,” added Ms. Pagett.  The class is concluding its arts rotation in drama by learning how various cultures use masks, applying what they have learned about physical theatre to wearing masks on stage, and how cultural appropriation affects our society.