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Illustrating Memories on Canvas

GNSGNS photo
Alice Li ’22 will be exhibiting art pieces from her last two years at the annual Grade 12 IB Art Exhibition. The theme of her pieces revolves around the topic of culture, and all of the pieces are related to her own culture and the places she has visited.

“A lot of my artwork is based on photos I took, and the photos are places I’ve been to. Sometimes I’ll add something new to it for it to be brand new,” she explained. 

She said she wanted to showcase these places because they had a lasting impact on her. 

“I miss it,” she said. “I’ve been to Canada for many years, but each time I go back [to China] are a lot of changes, with buildings taken down and such. I wanted to keep these memories, my art is a way to store the memories I have.” 

One of Alice’s favourite pieces will be showcased in the exhibition, a pen-drawing over an alley with all the buildings and roads made of rocks. It took her a month to finish, but it is one of her most detailed pieces. 

When people see and observe her art, Alice said she hopes people get an understanding of the different cultures. 

“I know new technology is fancy, but I want to show off the traditional things like buildings and restore them as new in my artwork,” she said. 

After creating  art for six years, she went to an art exhibition, which sparked her interest. Since then, she has taken lessons and worked on her craft but says the one thing she loves about it is when she finishes a piece. 

“I just enjoy the process and the success. That feeling after you complete a piece that you’ve been working on for a long time,” she said. “That feeling after is indescribable. It’s just a feeling of achievement.” 

A favourite medium that Alice uses in her art is pen drawings, which can be seen throughout the pieces she will show in the exhibition. She added, you only need a pen and paper and you can start drawing anytime. 

“It’s just drawing with pens, and it’s black and white,” she noted. “We draw the shadows and lighting—I find it interesting because architecture requires detailed pen drawings, and I want to be an architect.” 

Alice and two other classmates will be showcasing their art from March 9 to 16. Don’t forget to come by and see the amazing work they have all put into their pieces. Stay tuned for the location.

“You should come out because the most important part is the feedback we get,” she said. “That way we can see what others get from our work and improve from it. Also, for younger students, it’s important if they love art because they can ask us questions and we can help them.”