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Imagining Possibilities

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Piramon, Ploy and Miyu attended a conference on Thursday as part of Active Living. They participated in various workshops on goal setting, balancing stress, and developing resilience.Grade 12 student Miyu said the experience taught her how to be successful. “You need to be determined, and you need to make mistakes to learn,” she says. “Focus on what is going well and not the negative stuff.” ”In one of the workshops, we wrote out negative and positive events in our lives and then physically cut off the list of negative events. The leader collected them and said she would burn them. It felt really good for her to take them away, even though it was only symbolic.”  ”I learned more about my passion and dreams, and I was very inspired by other successful women,” says Piramon, Grade 11. ”If you want to be successful in your life you should have a life purpose,” says Ploy, Grade 11. “That way you can know what you are doing and try to do it.”