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Interested in Becoming a Family Boarding Host?

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Interested in becoming part of our Family Boarding Program as a host? GNS will be hosting a Family Boarding Host Information Night on February 15 from 6 to 7 p.m. to provide you with an overview of what is involved in becoming a host family. Please complete this form if you are interested in attending, or email Katie Ramm, our Admissions & Boarding Coordinator at if you have any questions. 

Here are some profiles of just a few of the international students that will be joining our community for the 2023/2024 school year. 

ARANTZA – Mexico

Arantza will be entering Grade 11 in September 2023. She is 16 years old and describes herself as empathetic, responsible and respectful. She has been playing tennis since she was six years old and loves art. One of her favourite hobbies is reading and she is very interested in prehistory, specifically dinosaurs. 

Reason for coming to GNS – “What excites me the most is being in an environment where everyone wants to learn, and having all the tools to overcome the challenges that I set myself.”

GREGOR – Germany

Gregor will be entering Grade 11 in September 2023. He is 16 years old and among the top 60 mathematicians in Bavaria in his age group. He is passionate about math competitions, soccer, volleyball, chess and reading books. Gregor enjoys eating a variety of food dishes with meat and noodles, and he does require a gluten-free diet due to celiac disease. 

Reason for coming to GNS -  “I’m impressed with the excellent infrastructure, interesting course offerings, and the great variety of sports. I’m fascinated by the varied landscapes and nature of Canada.”

ADA – China 

Ada will be entering Grade 9 in September 2023, she is 15 years old and describes herself as hard-working, kind, honest and outgoing. She enjoys playing piano, Taekwondo, golfing, skiing, drawing and travelling. She has been to over 20 different provinces in China and has travelled to the US, Japan and Thailand. She enjoys eating delicious foods and her favourite style of food is Japanese. 

Reason for coming to GNS – “GNS offers rich campus activities and clubs, and first-class facilities, so I can enjoy the colourful campus life and develop my abilities. The class size is small, so I will have more opportunities for classroom interaction.”

CHIARA – Germany 

Chiara will be entering Grade 10 in September 2023, she is 15 years old and loves field hockey, playing the cello, training for triathlons and being a part of her school’s orchestra. Chiara is vegetarian (will eat fish) and her favourite type of food is Italian. She is looking forward to experiencing our Outdoor Education program and the unique nature of Canada.

Reason for coming to GNS – “ I like the philosophy behind the IB school system because it is not just about having good marks but also about learning to think critically and internationally. In this way, students can work in a highly motivating and inspiring learning environment, which I would like to be a part of.”