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Introducing GNS Launch Pad

Senior School

At GNS, we know our students are driven and motivated by diverse passions and wide-ranging interests. These may range from STEM to arts, athletics, community service, and beyond. As a way to further support choice and voice for our students, we are proud to announce a new inquiry-focused learning pathway that will run as both a co-curricular available to all Middle and Senior School students and a for-credit senior level (Grade 11 and 12), course that students can complete outside of their regular school timetable. GNS Launch Pad can run over the course of both Grade 11 and 12 (2 credits per year) or be completed solely within a student’s Grade 11 or 12 year (4 credits).

GNS Launch Pad is designed around an inquiry-learning model. In this model, the natural learning process is invoked through curiosity and passion, which leads to questioning, exploration and deep, personalized learning. Students will be supported to take risks, learn from failure, and overcome obstacles to bring their ideas to life.

Key Information

What is it: A co-curricular open to all Middle and Senior students and a for-credit Grade 11 or 12 course.

When will it take place: 2023/2024 school year, after school, once or twice per month, or on an as-needed basis.

Why: This class will provide students with support and collaboration to bring ideas to life. We will connect you to a broader network to support your learning and leave you with connections to support your future.

How will you succeed?: This course will be assessed using a proficiency scale, based on your implementation of an inquiry process. Your grade will be determined through a combination of self, peer, and educator assessments in relation to this scale.

Additional Information

The course will be a blend of in-person and online learning, that will offer flexible scheduling, designed to work around a student’s existing academic, personal, and co-curricular schedule. Classes will run after school on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Monthly touchpoints and a schedule of guest speakers will provide regular opportunities for connection and collaboration.

The course will focus on a deep understanding of inquiry processes and the design cycle. Students may all be working on different topics and foci so assessment of learning will occur based on the student’s development of their inquiry topic in relation to our course proficiency standards of emerging, developing, proficient and extending. Course facilitators will work in conjunction with community experts, guest speakers and industry leaders to provide students with a variety of unique perspectives and personalized learning opportunities. Students will either work on further developing personal ideas, questions and challenges they are already engaged with, or will be supported to generate and develop new ideas within an inquiry framework.

The current and emerging skills required of our contemporary knowledge-based society prioritize what learners are able to do over what they know. The intent of this course is to identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes reflective of an effective inquiry in a student’s chosen area of interest. This will provide students with opportunities to create, design, dream and imagine in various disciplines with interdisciplinary support from a broad range of faculty and community members.