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Junior Boys Soccer Wrap Up

GNSGNS photo
By Lance Pimlott

The Junior Boys soccer season came to an amazing end on Monday, October 22. The GNS team had a very challenging season in which the Gryphons showed great class and fortitude. They competed in the Junior Boys ISA tournament at Brentwood in September where they won two of three games. Although most teams were filled with Grade 9 and 10s, the GNS team was led mainly by a group of Grade 8 boys, with a few Grade 9 and 10 players when they were not needed by the Senior Boys team.

Even with the challenges faced by this group, they always did their best with truth and courage. On Monday, October 22, our boys season came to a positive end after gaining their second victory of the season: a 4-3 win. Even when this group of young players did not find victory, the opposition could never take the boys for granted. Many of the opposition coaches and referees had nothing but compliments for the team after a game.

The Junior Boys Soccer team was not the most successful team in terms of points, but the coaches are extremely proud of the character and ability these boys showed every game. There was no give in them and they never broke. They represented GNS incredibly well, and, as Grade 9s next year, these Grade 8 boys will be a force to reckon with in. Going forward, they will form the core of a strong Senior Boys team.