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Lessons Learned from Social Distancing

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The Social Justice 12 class recently completed an assignment to showcase personal action or expression under the current constraints of Social Distancing. Their task was to think of creative ways that they could enhance their own personal expression and perhaps help themselves and others in the community deal with this difficult time. Students were asked to transfer knowledge and skills that would be helpful in our real-world pandemic situation while trying to identify potential long-term personal transformations about how to approach future challenges. For her Social Justice Distancing Project, Katie Hurst chose to create a tutorial video on how to knit. She states, “In Grade 5, my teacher started a knitting club and that is where my interest and passion for knitting began. As Covid-19 is currently happening right now, I have had a lot more time to knit and learn new techniques. I thought that by creating a video, sharing what I’ve learnt and the skills I’ve developed over the years would be helpful and inspire others to learn how to knit.” In her video, Katie demonstrates how to do two basic knitting techniques that can be used to knit a wide variety of things such as a hat, scarf, mittens or socks.