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Marine Adventure Day

GNSGNS photo

On Tuesday, Grade 6s spent some time on the seashore for their annual Marine Adventure Day. All three Grade 6 Homeforms travelled down to the Beach to participate in the day of activities, and there were three stations that they could take part in: group games on the grass, kayaking, and canoeing to Jimmy Chicken Island. When they got to the island, the Grade 6s completed a photo scavenger hunt using their iPads. They had to take pictures of a variety of objects and actions, and got points for creativity and speed. Even though it wasn’t the warmest day, the 6s still had lots of fun on the beach and on the water. Overall, it was a great way to wrap up another excellent school year. Of course, the best part was that the day gave the students an opportunity to spend time with their classmates, according to Grade 6 students Julia and Sophie. “I love our class here, everyone’s so nice,” says Julia. “We’re all very talkative and loud””Sometimes too much!” Sophie says with a laugh.