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Market Day Returns to Grade 2 Classrooms

GNSGNS photo
Grade 2 students held their annual Market Day, with ‘customers’ visiting from all over the Junior School!

As part of their IB PYP Unit of Inquiry focusing on ‘How We Organize Ourselves,’ students were tasked to create products to sell at a marketplace located in both Ms. Wild’s and Ms. White’s classrooms. This unit had a special emphasis on budgeting, with discussions about saving versus spending and wants versus needs at the forefront of the activity.

Products were created using paper, string, paint, and other common school materials, and were made to look like produce, flowers, clothing, books and electronics. Students also needed to determine the pricing for their wares, with most costing a dollar. Plastic one dollar coins were given out to each student, as well as some faculty and staff, and shoppers were off to the races.

Students were broken into groups and alternated between buying and selling, with various ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ signs adorning their businesses while they were perusing the offerings of their peers. Certain products sold out more quickly than others, and many took advantage of the ‘two-for-one’ deals and complimentary items.

A long standing tradition of GNS’ second graders, the Market Day was well received by students.

“My favourite thing about Market Day was shopping and seeing the different things that other groups made,” exclaimed Noa.

“My favourite part about Market Day was that we got different things from different shops and that we got to keep the things that we bought,” added Balthasar.

“My favourite thing about Market Day was that my group and I made $51,” quipped Lachlan.

“My favourite part of Market Day was challenging myself to write as many books as I could in a short amount of time,” said James. “My favourite book was about playing soccer. I like that we gave away free bookmarks from our Super Books Bookstore.”

“My favourite part of Market Day was making products for my Rainbow Fun Flowers flower shop,” remarked Sloane. “My favourite product was the flower popping balloons. When they popped there were flowers inside of them, and they sold out.”

Well done, Grade 2s!