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Math Help Centre Up and Running for the Year

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With a few modifications, the Math Help Centre is operating at full force for the 2020/2021 school year. This year, the Centre has been adapted to ensure that Senior School students can attend within their Learning Groups and that physical distancing guidelines are followed. The Centre is open every day at lunch and after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Three classrooms in the Lower Simpson Building are used, one each for Grade 9, Grade 10, and Grades 11 and 12. “We are keeping the cohorts separate,” explained Mr. Pat Giommi, Head of Mathematics. “ If students have a question, they will identify themselves and the teacher and the students will put on their masks and then we can help the students by observing all of the protocols. At the end of the sessions, when students are leaving the Math Help Centre, they sanitize their desks just as they do after their regular classes. Students are already making use of the Math Help Centre, as it offers them a place to have questions answered as well as a time to complete mathematics homework. Riya Kang ’23 is happy to have the Math Help Centre available for times when she needs to review some of the things she learned in class. “It’s also a good way to practice before quizzes and tests,” she said. “I find it helpful because you get 45 minutes to yourself with teachers and it’s more one-on-one.You can focus on what you need to learn. The Centre allows many students to understand concepts better, and gives students like Rebecca Kim ’23 time for extra practice. “It’s personalized because teachers will do one-on-one, and there are not a lot of distractions here,” she said. Mathematics teachers are also available by appointment. All students need to do is contact their respective teachers to set up a meeting. “We are very lucky that we have a talented group of mathematics teachers that are willing to help our students at the school,” said Mr. Giommi. “We offer a wonderful service and we are happy to help. If students make it a regular part of their routine to work on their homework—they don’t even have to ask questions. Just come in half an hour after school if they are waiting for the bus, or if they are waiting for their co-curricular to start. That’s all it takes is once a week and it makes a huge difference in their performance.