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Meaningful Service for Grade 7 Student

GNSGNS photo
Grade 7 student Alexander Turner recently found a new service opportunity and discovered a topic he is passionate about. Alexander has been volunteering at the Chinese Canadian Museum Exhibition in Fan Tan Alley after being introduced to the idea by the Visitor Experience and Facilities Coordinator, Charlayne Thornton-Joe, who also serves on the Victoria City Council. 

“I really enjoyed seeing everything that they had, and I wanted to come and help volunteer,” Alexander explained. “Since April I have been volunteering and I’ve been doing it over the summer as well. I like giving up my time and helping people.” 

On September 5, Alexander took part in a commemorative walk, which marked 100 years since Chinese students in Victoria staged a walkout and a school boycott against segregation. 

“It was a big thing and a big apology,” he said. “The events 100 years ago were not very good with separating the Chinese students, so it’s nice that we all came back together and are  apologizing for what happened.”

Alexander continues to volunteer on weekends, and says his favourite part about being part of the Chinese Canadian Museum Exhibitions is seeing people from around the world come and enjoy it. 

“I like volunteering there because I get to see a lot of people and tell them about Chinese culture and history,” he said. “It’s so nice when people get to come in and learn and see that little museum that can tell them a lot.” 

Alexander said he has performed service in the community before, but this was the biggest role he’s taken on. 

“Now I’m taking part in these bigger service opportunities because of school,” he added. 

Glenlyon Norfolk School continuously challenges students to use the skills and awareness of public issues they have gained in the classroom to help their communities and to then reflect upon their experience and consider how they can make a difference. To meet this challenge, all Middle and Senior School students are required to participate in Service as Action at the local, national or global level. In the IB Middle Years Programme, Service as Action experiences are guided by Learning Outcomes that increase in complexity as they move up through the grades. Working collaboratively with others and perseverance and commitment to activities are just two of the Learning Outcomes that Alexander has demonstrated through his work with the Exhibition.