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Melody of Remembrance: A Grade 12 Student’s Musical Tribute for Remembrance Day

Théo Marill playing the piano
Théo’s passion for music started at the age of 6 when he began playing piano. In 2015, he and his family moved to Victoria where he continued with his learning as a musician, and he has been with his current music teacher, Emily Armour, for the past eight years.

“I like the theatricality of music and the emotions it can bring up,” he said.

The inspiration for Théo’s composition came from his involvement in the Music for Veterans Project (MVP). Founded in 2021 by Armour and Canadian veteran Devin Wilkins, MVP is a unique initiative that encourages students, aged 5 to 18, to compose music dedicated to individual veterans. 

“The goal behind it is to get youth to have veterans in mind, and through music and art you have your own emotions and those emotions go into the piece,” said Théo. “It’s your take on how you remember and how you see veterans, and then specifically the veteran you’re honouring.”

By encouraging students to compose music inspired by the stories of veterans, MVP bridges the gap between generations, ensuring that the sacrifices made are not forgotten.

The project is not limited to honouring living veterans alone. In a touching gesture, immediate family members of veterans who are no longer with us can also receive a commemorative piece. This extension of recognition acknowledges the enduring impact that veterans’ service has on their families and provides a meaningful way to remember and celebrate their lives.

Théo’s involvement adds a poignant note to this symphony of remembrance, illustrating the potential that music has not only to entertain but also to preserve the legacy of those who have served our nation.

To watch Théo’s original composition, “Skyline,” click here. You’ll find his stunning classical piece at the end of the video.