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Middle and Senior School students hear from Stigma-Free Society

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Middle and Senior Schools students had special guests attend their assemblies this past week.

Both assemblies had a delegate from the Stigma-Free Society to speak about mental health and the stigma surrounding it.

Lindsay Goulet, the Stigma-Free Society Community Development Manager, joined the Middle School students to talk about her experiences with family and mental health.

Goulet emphasized raising awareness and education about mental health. She used her experiences with her son, who was diagnosed with a mental illness, as a way to get the message across.

She spoke to students about the importance of maintaining their mental health like they would with physical health.

She explained that mental health is different for everyone, and that many times if someone has a mental illness people might not know.

She got students involved by encouraging them to share the tools they use if they are having a stressful day or are struggling with their mental health. Ideas the students came up with include listening to music, talking to a family member and getting sleep.

Goulet also had the students start a conversation about what mental health is and the difference between mental illness. She encouraged the students to break the stigma surrounding mental health by continuing the conversation.

The Senior School had the chance to listen to Cam Webster, who spoke about his personal experience with mental illness.

Webster talked about when he was first hospitalized just after his 19th birthday, and how his illness developed over the years until he was later diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder.

Sharing his story, Webster focused on raising the awareness of mental illness while breaking the stigma that is attached to it.

Students in both the Middle School and Senior School were also encouraged to take the Stigma-Free Quiz