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Middle School Celebrates Gratitude Day

GNSGNS photo
The Middle School community explored what it was grateful for on Wednesday, March 10. In their homeforms, students participated in various activities to show their appreciation for those around them as a reminder of what the last year has taught them. 

March 10 marked one year since the school initially closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Ms. Kate Pagett, Middle School Vice-Principal, said she wanted to name the day “Gratitude Day” because of everything the students and their families had gone through. 

“It was the anniversary of when we shut down and it felt like today should be the day we recognize that we get to be here in class,” she explained. 

Students throughout the Middle School had conversations in their classes about traditions their families came up with, how they handled being in lockdown, what was surprising about coming back to school, what they are happy about now and more. 

“They sat and coloured. They wrote what they were grateful for—there were a lot that said first responders and recognition of what our family and friends did for us. Some students wrote letters thanking those who made a difference in their lives this year, and some contributed to a gratitude chain,” said Ms. Pagett. 

Many students chose to be thankful for their family, pets, friends and those that had an impact on their lives this year. The day encouraged the students to reflect on the past year and to recognize what had happened and what we have all learned from our experiences. Students also contributed to a paper gratitude chain that is hanging in the Brooks Building. 

“It’s a good visual reminder of ‘Stronger Together;’ this is what it means,” added Ms. Pagett. “I hope the students just take a pause and be mindful going home and say ‘thank you.’ I hope from today they understand what gratitude is.”