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Middle School Orientation

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Over a three-day period at the beginning of this week, Middle School students participated in a number of sessions designed to deliver some specific skills that don’t always come up in the first few days of class, but are nonetheless helpful to have. The Grade 6s got the lay of the land, learned how to use their locks and their ChromeBooks (among other things), while Grade 7s and 8s learned how to navigate Google Drive, research effectively, take notes and more. “We ensured a decent balance of active stuff—scavenger hunts, change room races—and technology-based programs,” says Mr. Campbell, who developed the orientation program. Overall it was a success: students said they found the sessions helpful and came away feeling prepared. Over the coming weeks, Mr. Campbell and other teachers will be building on these foundations and working to reinforce the technology skills they were introduced during orientation. A huge thanks to all the teachers and students who helped get this school year off to such a great start!