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Middle School Round Square Tackles Multiple Issues

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Just before Spring Break, Grade 7 students Kate and Nathan led a special assembly for the Middle School. It included a presentation by the Grade 7 Round Square group.   During the presentation, Keirti, Reese, Kaleb, Olyn and Calla shared a slideshow they had created for their peers about Black Lives Matter (BLM) to spread awareness about the topic. They were able to discuss what the BLM movement is in the United States and Canada. They also discussed different ways people can support BLM, including supporting black-owned businesses, standing up for others and becoming aware of issues. 

“This is an issue that depends on the support and help of our community,” Calla said in the assembly. “Supporting black-owned businesses is an important and crucial way to ensure these stores stay in business, especially now during COVID-19…Some other things you can do are making sure you are a fair and safe community that is equal to all colours of skin. This can be a friend group, family and our the city.” 

On March 17, seven Round Square students chose to participate in a vow of silence that started at 10:30 a.m. and ended the next day. They couldn’t talk, text, email or write what they wanted to say on paper. They chose to do a vow of silence as a way to symbolize people who don’t have a voice of their own. 

“We are doing the vow of silence because people all around the world don’t have a voice,” said Nathan in assembly. “They can’t speak up for what is right. People can be shut out because of their race, gender, sexuality, age, where they are from and many more reasons. By doing this initiative we are raising awareness for people worldwide.” 

The students chose to raise awareness of multiple topics, each one meaning something special to them. 

  • Girls education (Cleo)
  • People of colour (Sasha and Shreesha) 
  • Child abuse and child labour (Kate) 
  • Children’s denial of rights (Anthony)
  • Child soldiers (Nathan) 
  • First Nations People (Ethan) 
Students reflected on the vow of silence they took and shared what they learned from it. 

“It was fun, but frustrating because if you knew something in class and you wanted to say something about it, or you saw something with your friends and you wanted to help solve it, but you couldn’t because you couldn’t talk,” said Kate. 

“The hardest part was not being able to communicate properly,” said Shreesha. “No one should have to go through this, everyone should be able to have a voice and be heard.” 

Way to go Grade 7 Round Square students with really taking the lead and bringing awareness to multiple topics.