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Moving Day at the Beach!

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Phase One of the Beach Drive Campus Transformation is now complete! The new Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten buildings and the Robertson Boathouse are finished, the landscaping is nearing completion and the students have moved into our wonderful new learning facilities. Exciting times! Our overall goal in all of this is to ensure the least possible disruption to students and their learning. Thankfully, we have learned in recent moves that our students are very adaptable and quickly embrace change. While moving classrooms like this was a bit of a logistical challenge for the adults (think of a stack of dominoes that when one thing moves, a bunch of others do too!), our plans went ahead and our students are now enjoying their new facilities. Now that the move is completed, the building known as the Science Block will start to come down. There are no hazardous materials on the outside of the building, so any remediation prior to leveling will be contained and very safe, following the strictest protocols. Any major outside work will be done in a manner to ensure a very high degree of safety and minimal disruption for all. These collective efforts will ensure we can begin construction on Phase Two, the Main Building. To facilitate this, four new learning pavilions will be installed in late June where the Science Block currently sits so that every child will be in a wonderful classroom by September. This is a very exciting time and we hope you will feel free to ask any questions you may have about how things will be progressing in the coming weeks and months. We also hope you’ll be able to join us in celebrating the Official Opening of Phase One on Friday, May 24 at 3:15 p.m.We look forward to seeing you there!