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Personal Project From Our Perspective

IB Middle Years Programme
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Students talking about IB MYP Personal Projects

For the past two assembly blocks, the Grade 9s have gathered to learn about the IB MYP Personal Project and brainstorm possible ideas for their journey next year. With digital brainstorming bubbles developing and excitement in the air, it’s time for a few Grade 10s to speak up with advice for the next generation!

Three of our Grade 10 cohort joined GNS too late to complete a project, but not too late to enjoy the ride with their fellow classmates! Polina Maksak, Riley Bate and Maddy Anctil led a team of Exhibition volunteers, who supported their friends by delivering treats to Personal Project booths throughout the afternoon, directing visiting parents, and helping to clean up all those wonderful tri-fold boards at the end. They have shared their insider’s view of Personal Project.

Polina: We are happy to report that the Grade 10 IB MYP Personal Project Exhibition for 2023 was a great success! Students in Grade 10 put in a lot of effort over the previous six months to finish a variety of unique, fascinating, and individually chosen projects. Then we all congregated in the gym with parents, staff and students from GNS for a fun day of showcasing their labour of love and honouring the exquisitely constructed exhibits and poster boards.

Riley: As a new student at GNS, I loved getting to know my peers better through the Personal Project. It was fascinating to see a variety of different projects and interests. Students have expressed how nice it was to get time to devote to a passion project because at school there is a lot more focus on academic subjects. When I first heard about the Personal Project I was shocked to see how much more went into it than I thought. Everyone worked long and hard and a lot of effort was put into the projects which definitely paid off on exhibition day when parents and the school were delighted by the projects. “I have developed individual skills such as self-management, communication and patience,” said one of the Grade 10s. Other students have said that they loved exhibition day because it taught them to think on their feet and foster positive interactions with community members. Although it was a stressful time for the students, with documenting every part of the process and finding it was “something I completed at 12 o’clock on a Thursday night,” it was incredibly rewarding and “I will carry the skills I learnt with me wherever I go.”

Maddy: As a returning student to GNS, I was familiar with the Personal Project Exhibition, which I had visited several years before. Despite this, I knew very little about the process before I saw my peers complete it over the course of this year. When asked about how Personal Project impacted them, one student said, “Personal Project was quite possibly the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my 12 years at GNS so far.” She explained to me that she had gained a newfound confidence in herself over the course of the project. It was clear to me that many students felt this way as they displayed their projects at the exhibition on February 24. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge that many of my peers displayed on their chosen topics. Some students found that the process came to them very naturally, and others expressed some initial frustration with the process. “Every part of the process needed to be documented,” one student explained. “It was way more effort than I thought it would be.” Despite the early challenges, the student confirmed that “it was worth it in the end.”

Polina: We are quite proud of the skillful and distinctive methods in which the Grade 10 students presented their projects. We are very pleased with all of the Grade 10 students at Glenlyon Norfolk School, and we think all participants had fun and enjoyed every moment of being there.

So there you have it! Grade 10s will already be feeling nostalgic about their project, or about the anticipation and excitement of the Exhibition, and Grade 9s are just beginning. In their journey, these fresh-faced Personal Project-ers have many mentors at GNS, and we can’t wait to see the Exhibition they put on next year!