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Raising Awareness in Senior School Round Square

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An invasive species removal is planned for Cattle Point on Wednesday, November 17 during assembly block. If you are volunteering, make sure to research about the invasive plant species and removal strategies. This removal expedition is focusing on removing English Ivy, a plant with leathery leaves stemming from thick vines, and Scotch Broom, a weed with bright yellow pea-like flowers that has the ability to increase the intensity of wildfires and is toxic to livestock. Volunteers for this initiative will be taking the bus to and from Cattle Point—be sure to bring gloves and dress warmly.

If you are unable to commit the time for the Invasive Species Removal, there is another initiative focused on preserving our environment that will have the entire GNS Senior School participating. Lights will be turned off for Blackout Week, which is happening from November 1 to 5. The focus of Blackout Week is to promote awareness for environmental preservation and to decrease the use of electricity at GNS.

Happening at the same time as Blackout Week, Round Square will also be hosting a competitive used battery drive, from November 1 to 5. Bring your used batteries and put them in boxes located in the Gudewill Learning Commons for a chance to win some candy on Friday November 5! The used batteries collected will be properly recycled and kept out of landfills, as the toxic chemicals in ill-disposed batteries are harmful to the environment as they can seep into groundwater, contaminate soil and pollute the air. 

A food drive is also in the works planned for the last week of November. It is going to be a contest between grades with a casual day as the ultimate prize!

Planned for sometime in late November or early December, a blood drive will be hosted by GNS in coordination with the Canadian Blood Services organization, with the aim to raise awareness for cancer. A few regulations around donating blood in British Columbia are that you must be at least 17 years old, have permission from parents and guardians, weigh at least 50 kg (110 lb), and be in good health. Visit Canadian Blood Services and HealthLinkBC for more information.

Try to participate in the whole Senior School Blackout Week, remember to bring in your used batteries, and to sign up for the Invasive Species Removal. For the food and blood drives, keep your eyes peeled for new information. The GNS community has always been extremely involved in Round Square’s initiatives and Round Square is excited to see GNS Senior School Students participate in these awareness raising events!