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Round Square Aims to Support Local and Global Needs

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As a result of what is being described as one of the worst storms the province has seen in a century, many areas in British Columbia have been left underwater from the resulting flooding. The Senior School Round Square members have been spurred to action to organize a fundraiser that will help those who had to evacuate their homes from areas that suffered the most from the storm and have decided to organize a bake sale for those who have been affected by the flooding.

The worst effect of the flooding is the contamination of floodwater and the risk of the spread of disease. Floodwater contaminated with sewage is not suitable for drinking or usage. As mentioned in CTV News’ article by Penny Daflos, residents in Merritt B.C., a city in Interior British Columbia, have no source of drinkable water other than the bottled water at their local gas station. Global News Elizabeth McSheffrey’s article also supports this, saying that the area is “still without potable water and functional sanitation systems” (McSheffrey, 2021).

The extent of the flooding can be seen all the way up in space, as astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield recently shared a photo of where the Fraser River meets the Pacific Ocean, and where the flooding in British Columbia is plainly visible. For more information, and to see the comparison between the state of the land before and after the flooding, visit BC flooding visible from space, NASA photo shows | CTV News.

On December 10, exact time still to be determined, Round Square students will gather in the Denford Hall Lobby to sell homemade goods to parents, fellow students, and teachers in hopes of raising money to contribute to BC’s flood disaster relief.

A Global action Round Square will also be starting immediately to support UNICEF’s initiative to send help to Afghanistan children caught in the turmoil between conflicting groups. Round Square will organize Candy-Cane Grams before the Winter Break and all proceeds will be directed immediately to UNICEF Afghanistan to help these children. The money will help provide the children access to safe water, urgent medical aid, nutrition support, child protection services including safe refuge for women and girls, and much-needed support for displaced families. This is a time-sensitive issue, so Round Square is looking to launch this project as soon as possible; Candy-Cane Gram vendors will start popping out as soon as next week. 

GNS students—the very embodiment of the GNS core values of caring and community—have never failed to help those in need. The Round Square committee is certain that the GNS community will do their best to support these initiatives.