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Senior School Students Raise Awareness About Crisis in Ukraine

GNSGNS photo
Throughout the week, a group of Senior School students decided to help raise money for the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal by selling homemade Ukrainian flag stickers. 

“We got together with some friends and made a bunch of stickers on the weekend, and we have been asking for donations, if people donated $5 or more they got a sticker,” Iris Thompson-Chang 25 explained. “We wanted to do this because of the war that is going on in the Ukraine and people having to flee their homes. They don’t have anything to eat or clothing. We just wanted to help and this is what we thought of.” 

“People in Ukraine don’t even have Ibuprofen or Aspirin,” added Vita Thompson-Chang ’23. “It’s really important that they get the money from this because we have so much over here and we want to show our support for them. I’m glad everybody is getting involved so well.” 

Iris and Vita were assisted some of their peers including Georgie McLeod ’25, Erin Plecas ’25, Sophie Jolivet ’25 and Maddy Kelly ’23. 

“I’m in Global Politics, so we have been learning a lot about this issue from day one. Even before Russia invaded we were looking at what could happen,” said Maddy. “I don’t have any Ukrainian friends or relatives, but I thought it was really important to support the people. I’ve seen a lot of news footage of what’s going on and it’s really devastating. Whatever GNS can do to help the people that are suffering is great.” 

Throughout their endeavours they have not only been able to raise funds, but have been able to raise awareness about Ukraine to their peers. 

“It was going really well and people were being very generous,” said Iris. “Everyone has been really supportive.”  By Friday afternoon they raised a total of $427.90, with plans to sell more at the Friday and Saturday showings of Mamma Mia!