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Sleepover at the Beach

GNSGNS photo

By Cheryl Palm and Heather Crossley On Thursday, April 11, the Grade 3s had their annual class sleepover at the Beach Drive Campus. Although the weather forecast looked bleak, the rain stayed away and we were able to enjoy a fantastic afternoon and evening. After changing into our mufti clothes after school, the classes walked down to Willows Beach for some fun on the playground and the grass. When we returned to campus, the students had a rousing game of Brambley Ball with Mr. Bowers and Mrs. Fletcher while the other teachers prepped for dinner. Grilled hotdogs prepared by Chef Bigelow (and veggies) were on the menu, and the students had a great time eating “campout style” with their friends. After dinner, the students rotated through three stations – art with Mrs. Fletcher, gym games with Mr. Bowers, and oven s’mores and board games with Mrs. Palm and Mrs. Crossley. After stations, it was getting late, which means it was time to set up the gym with our sleeping bags. The students chose their spots and laid out their gear, and then it was off to get ready for bed. While munching on popcorn, students enjoyed watching the film Wall-E, which offered a great connection to our current inquiry unit on Technology. The students drifted off to sleep quite quickly after their evening filled with activities! In the morning, we quickly cleaned up the gym and headed over to Mrs. Palm’s room for a continental breakfast while waiting for parents. And although the students looked a little tired in the morning, they all agreed that they had a great time. A huge thank you to Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Bowers, and Mrs. Bigelow for helping to make our evening a great success!