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Supporting the Growth of a Community

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Chris and Loriann Delorme value community involvement and find it an important aspect of their lives, not only in the greater Victoria region, but at Glenlyon Norfolk School. Ever since their boys Nathan ’25 and Nicholas ’24 started at GNS in Junior Kindergarten, the family has contributed to the GNS community in many ways.

“Being part of the GNS community is important to me.  That feeling within the school that you belong and can be involved at any level you are comfortable with” said Loriann. “If you want to get involved, there is a place for you. To me, that’s important as it teaches our kids the importance of giving back where and when you can.”

The pair continue to be involved with many aspects of the GNS community. Loriann has been the face of the ‘Warm A Soul’ campaign since she took it over from a previous parent 10 years ago, is a member of the Parents’ Auxiliary Executive, co-led the recent used uniform renovation sale, was a class rep and co-junior school liaison, and much more. For several years, she has also had an integral part in organizing the staff appreciation luncheon, which she says is one of her favourite events.

“Being involved is meaningful in many different ways. Volunteering at the school, in any aspect, holds importance to me for different reasons.  Take the staff appreciation lunch for example, it is solely for the staff to show our gratitude for their hard work, and they so deserve it,” she said. “I like being a part of organizing this event. I love giving back to the teachers when they have done so much for us and the students. A huge bonus is working alongside so many other parent volunteers and creating a fabulous community.”

Chris has also been part of several fundraising events that aim to support new initiatives in the school, and he says he does it because it’s a great way to understand more fully the direction of the school, help the school realize these goals, and to meet and connect with the other parents and guardians.

“We are trying to instil the importance of having community-oriented values in our children, so with our involvement at GNS ever since Nicholas ‘24 started in JK, we hope that leading by example has had a positive impact on our boys as well” says Chris.

“Connecting with others at the parent level is also important.” Chris explained. “So, I’ve attended and hosted a few GNS social events where we discuss different initiatives and look to raise money for certain parts of the school.  We’ve had great fun at these events and it has allowed us to get to know the parent group by being part of it and helping to host those occasions. I’ve enjoyed doing that.”

Chris and Loriann are also both members of the WONDER Campaign Cabinet, a group of volunteers that are working with the school on various aspects of the campaign. As was recently announced, the WONDER Campaign has raised $18 of $27 million towards the revitalization of the Beach Drive and Pemberton Woods Campuses.

“For both of us, we recognise it’s a very critical development time for the school in its history and moving forward,” said Chris. “To be there amongst the peer group of individuals to assist in fundraising has been very meaningful for us.”

“When we were shown the project, the scale of it and what it was going to look like…I thought Victoria needed something like this,” added Loriann. “Now to see it come to fruition, I’m so happy we were able to lend a helping hand.”

In addition to volunteering their time, Chris and Loriann have also made a financial pledge to the WONDER Campaign, and they both agreed that making this gift was important to them.

“I think it’s incumbent on all of us in the GNS community to do what we can,” said Chris.  “It’s important to the broader community in Victoria, GNS school, the faculty, students, and to all of us.”

For more information about the WONDER Campaign and to learn how you can get involved, contact or make your donation today.