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The Beach Bee Garden

GNSGNS photo

Two years ago, the Beach Bee Garden started as a co-curricular. Now, we are excited to share our vision for the future of this co-curricular and its development through the school. In the first year of the bee garden, students learned about the importance of bees and other pollinators. We identified the bee-friendly plants together and planted them in our garden. Students of all ages enjoyed digging, planting, clipping and working together. This year, we have expanded we have used the Bee Garden to explore entrepreneurial education, a tenet of the GNS strategic plan. To do this, the students came up with an idea for a product together, researched and developed that idea, and will be taking the final product to market. They decided to make two items using beeswax: coconut oil and beeswax wood polish, and a reusable wax cloth covering for containers and jars.  The students had a great time making the items, and you’ll be able to buy some for yourself at our upcoming craft fair at Pemberton Woods on Saturday, November 24. Already, this co-curricular has created many fantastic learning opportunities and strengthened GNS connections to our community. The next phase of the Beach Bee Garden will see beehives installed at Shady Lane, near to the Beach Drive campus. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!