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The Power of Mental Math

GNSGNS photo

By Tanis Masson Last week, the Grade 4s took on the role of Junior Accountants by dealing with the money donated by the Junior School to the Terry Fox Foundation. First, the students counted and recounted each of the class donations to ensure accuracy. Then each student created a bar graph showing the amount of money donated per class, along with three questions that could be answered by reading the graph. The students then took on the challenge of figuring out the exact amount of money donated altogether. They began by using their mental math skills to determine an estimate, which ranged from the high 600s to the high 700s. Finally, they calculated the exact amount mostly using only their mental math skills! What an amazing group of mathematicians!  In assembly the previous Friday, Mr. Bowers challenged the students to raise $500. In assembly on October 5, Grade 4 student Ettan Mall announced that the Junior School had raised $795.30! in total!’ With $764.45 raised by the Senior School and $533.05 from the Middle School, that brings GNS’s grand total to $2092.80 raised this year. Great work Gryphons!