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The Science of Mirrors

GNSGNS photo

Last week, the Grade 1s learned all about light and physics with Dr. Zederayko. To start, Dr. Z asked what the students thought would happen when they shone a laser pointer into mirror. They asked great questions to form their hypotheses, including “will the light go through the mirror?” and “can we make the laser light bounce off?” Then they tried out their theories together!  Dr. Z explained that the angle that the light enters the mirror is called the angle of incidence, and the angle that it leaves the mirror is called the angle of reflection, and that they will always be equal. Next, Dr. Z brought out more mirrors and they talked about what would happen if they bounced the light between them. Then they tested their theories again by positioning the mirrors in different ways, and again when they observed what happens to letters in a mirror. Lastly, they talked about how reflections can be used in everyday life, like how ambulance writing is backwards so that it can be seen easily in car mirrors. Thank you so much for visiting, Dr. Z!