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Track and Field Students Achieve Personal Bests

GNSGNS photo
Our Gryphons had a great time on the track, with several achieving personal bests in many of their events 

“It was an exceptional season for the GNS Track and Field Team,” said Mr. Colin Adamson, Coach. “Track and Field is very much a sport that you get out what you put in, and the students were incredible in being open to see where they could be successful with the coaches present.” 

We had students compete in several events, and it was the first time competing for many of them. They spent their time competing in several Victoria League and Championships meets. 

“This led to 17 GNS Senior School students competing at the Island Championships, seven GNS students competing at the BC High School Championships, and 17 GNS Middle School students competing at the Victoria League Meets and nine qualifying for the Victoria Championships,” said Mr. Adamson. “I’m really looking to build on this season next year, see how everyone continues to improve and have more GNS students try training and competing within Track and Field.

Here are some highlights from the year: 

BC High School Track & Field Championships:

 * Every single athlete had personal bests in their events

  •  Finn Adamson ’27 – Gold in the Grade 8 800m, and Bronze in 400m   
  • Alexander Cheung ’26 – 5th in the Junior Discus, and 30th in 4x400m relay
  • Lucas Edward ’26 – Five-second personal best in the 4x400m relay; 30th
  • Adam Hoogewerf ’24 – 12th in Senior 400m Hurdles, 17th in 110m Hurdles
  • Claire Sangha ’27 – 22nd in the Grade 8 3000m
  • Theo Serowka ’25 – Bronze in the Junior 400m and 4th in the 800m
  • Danica Vrabel ’27 – 16th in the Grade 8 3000m
Island Championship Results:

  • Finn Adamson – 1st in Grade 8 Boys 800m (set a new record by over 9 sec.), and in the 400m
  • Riley Bates — 8th in the 80m Hurdles
  • Alexander Cheung — 2nd in Junior Boys Discus, 3rd in the Triple Jump and 10th in the 100m
  • Julia Finstad ’24 – 6th in the Senior Girls 100m Hurdles, 7th in the 100m and 9th in the 200m 
  • Amelie French – 8th in the High Jump
  • Charlie Gatenby ’24 – 15th in th Senior Boys Javelin:  Charlie Gatenby ’24 – 15th
  • Adam Hoogewerf – 3rd in  400m Hurdles, and 4th in the 110m Hurdles
  • Lily Jakeman — 9th in the High Jump, 11th in the 100m, and 12th in Javelin
  • Niko Krusekopf ’23 — 7th in both the Senior Boys 1500m and 3000m
  • Theo Serowka, Alexander Cheung, Lucas Edwards, and Finn Adamson won the Junior Boys 4x400m relay
  • Theo Serowka — First in the Junior Boys 400m, and 800m
  • Mats Dorsam  ’23 – 10th in the Senior Boys 100m
  • Senior Boys 4x100m Relay:  Oliver Acomba ’24, Elvis Chow ’24, Declan McVea ’24 and  Efe Akpikie ’24 – 10th
  • Junior Girls 4x100m: Lily Jakeman ’26, Riley Bate ’25, Ella Briscoe ’26 and Amelie French ’26 – 10th
  • Oliver Acomba and Declan McVea also top 20 results in the 100m 
  • Lucas Edwards and Lukas Baxter ’26 top 20 results in the Junior Boys 100m
Middle School – Victoria City Championships:

  • Emma Chang ’29 –  7th in Long Jump and 15th 100m
  • Francesco De Genova ’28 – 7th in 100m
  • Jaxon Ewert ’29 – 2nd in shot put and 5th in the 100m
  • Kate McLaren ’29 – 3rd in the 800m
  • Andre Nielson ’29, Jaxon Ewert, Soren Mackillop ’28 and Francesco De Genova – Third in the 4x200m relay
  • Amy Robinson ’29 – 4th in 80m Hurdles
  • Jane Serowka ’28 –1st in the 2000 and 1st in the 800m with a new Victoria Middle School record!
  • Kiki Webb ’28 – Eighth in Long Jump