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Unlocking the Future: GNS Offers Industry-Recognized Data Science Certification

Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
GNS students spend their Saturday in a data science course.

On Saturday, April 20, 36 GNS Senior School students had the opportunity to participate in a one-day “Intro to Data Science” course that was sponsored by the GNS CISCO Academy.

This 6-hour course provided students with an in-depth introduction to the fascinating world of data science. Topics included understanding data and analytics, big data management, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and finally a comprehensive overview of the multitude of potential career pathways within the data science field.

As an added experience, students had the opportunity to meet with a panel of guests who represented a variety of different roles from within the local technology community. These guests included Amy Newhook (former designer with Microsoft Power BI), Cianna Dawn and Stephanie Khoury (Hololabs, Inc.) Karla Helgason (Director of Indigenous Data Governance, Province of BC), Andrew MacLean (Developer Relations Expert), Penny Toupin (Full Stack Software Developer), Regan McGrath (CEO of Metrics Accounting), and Sawyer Bateman (Programmer, Developer, and Tech Industry Veteran). This incredibly knowledgeable and talented roster of guests shared their wisdom, advice and insights with our students, many of whom are now seriously considering pursuing a career in the growing field of data science.

Having completed the course, these 36 students now have a valuable, industry-recognized CISCO certification in Data Science. These are some of the most valued certifications within the technology sector and are recognized in over 120 countries.

Student feedback was overwhelmingly positive with 90% of attendees stating that they would like to pursue additional learning opportunities within the GNS CISCO Academy. 

Students also self-reported a significant increase in their understanding of data science after the session concluded.

GNS CISCO Academy course modules are available to any student registered in the GNS Launch Pad program. If your Senior School student is interested in learning more about any of these programs, please ask them to contact Jon Hamlin, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

And parents, if you or someone you know works in the technology and innovation sectors and would like to engage with GNS students either as a guest speaker or potential mentor, please contact me directly to establish a connection.