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Update to Pemberton Woods Neighbours 011023

Pemberton Woods
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Faculty and staff have been busy preparing for what is sure to be another busy term at school. Basketball season is in full swing and we are eagerly anticipating the Senior School musical production of Grease, which will take place in the second week of March.


As mentioned previously, we continue to see an uptick in bus ridership to and from school. This is good news as it results in a reduction in the number of cars travelling to and from the campus each day as well as helping to improve our overall sustainability approach at GNS.

We also continue to look for other ways to mitigate traffic congestion around the neighbourhood. As a first trial beginning January 10, 2023, all buses being used for co-curricular and field trip activities are now departing from our Richmond Avenue entrance. The first layby closest to the Richmond Avenue parking lot has been designated as bus pick-up and drop-off only, while the second remains designated for two-hour parking. This change will allow us to test how our bussing procedures will work if more bussing were moved to that location. We will be working with the City throughout this transition to make sure it has a positive effect on traffic flow around the neighbourhood.

We welcome feedback from the community and school users through this first stage of change and look forward to hearing how this goes over the next few months.

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Service & Community Engagement

As we continue to plan and participate in community service initiatives throughout the year, if you have any suggestions about other service opportunities for our students to volunteer in the community, or if you would like to be involved in future student-led service activities in our neighbourhood, please email