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Update to Pemberton Woods Neighbours 052821

Pemberton Woods
GNSGNS photo

School families have been asked to drop off their recyclables in our Maddison Street parking lot where they will be met by student volunteers following COVID-19 protocols. Proceeds from the bottle drive will go towards the Mountain Road Forest park conservation campaign, which is raising money to have a 49-acre parcel of land located in West Saanich designated as a park. As described by one of our student volunteers, “This beautiful piece of forest is at risk of being turned into “forest residential lots.” Development of this land would result in the loss of countless animal and plant species and important ecosystems such as the Garry Oak Meadow and Coastal Douglas fir-forest. The Western Screech Owl, an iconic symbol for children around the world, also calls this piece of land along the coast of British Columbia in West Saanich home. It is of utmost importance that these species of flora and fauna are kept alive for future generations to enjoy. If fundraising efforts are successful, the Capital Regional District will designate this land as a new regional park for all to enjoy