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Debate & Public Speaking

Excellence in debate is a tradition at GNS. Experienced Gryphon speakers from GNS have reached world finals on a regular basis.

historic photo of gns debate club

The Debate Club is a cornerstone co-curricular activity at GNS and has a long history of success. The team is open to all students in Grades 7 to 12 regardless of their level of experience with speech and debate. The club hosts in-school debate competitions throughout the year but also registers teams to participate in out-of-school competitions. These take place approximately once a month, from October to April, and can be held as close as Victoria, Vancouver or further afield. Should debaters do well in these competitions, they might qualify for tournaments that occur out-of-province or internationally. The GNS debate team also competes at bilingual tournaments and is always looking for French-speaking students to compete.


Elspeth Easton
Debate Coach

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