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From Student to Benefactor

Donor Stories
Liam with his former teacher, Sarah McKerlich

Liam Sarsfield’s Inspiring Path with GNS

Success often finds its roots in unexpected places, and for former GNS student Liam Sarsfield, the path to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur was paved by the support and opportunities he received from the school. 

Liam came from a single-parent household and shared the story of his challenging upbringing, explaining that he didn’t come from a privileged or affluent background. However, he attributed his later success to the education he received at GNS and said that it paved the way for his achievements.

“I had a pretty unstable home environment and GNS provided this really stable community of people that really looked after the young Liam,” he said.

The steady community at GNS changed the trajectory of his life and allowed him to excel academically. Now, Liam is not only a proud alumnus but also a dedicated benefactor, giving back to the school that gave him so much.

Liam’s GNS Experience:

Liam’s journey at GNS was a transformative one, marked by his dedication to school activities and a strong sense of belonging. He describes how he took on various roles, from being the head boy to heading the student council and working on the yearbook.

Liam’s contributions did not go unnoticed. When he reached Grade 12, the school was able to provide some necessary financial assistance that would enable him to complete his journey at GNS. 

This program would not be available without the generous support of our donors.

A Gateway to Deeper Knowledge:

One of the pivotal aspects of Liam’s journey was his access to the school’s resources, particularly the computer lab. He seized every opportunity to use the lab and hone his passion for computers and programming. It was at GNS that he delved into first-year university-level computer science.

Beyond academic growth, the school also played a crucial role in shaping Liam’s communication and social skills as he interacted with students from diverse backgrounds. These experiences equipped him with the interpersonal skills that would later serve him well in the business world.

Advice that Liam would give to current students is, “do absolutely everything, just do it all. You have a remarkable opportunity to find what interests you and to cultivate it. Young people have this explosive intelligence, so use that explosive intelligence to find out what it is that you really want to do and what kind of contribution to the world you want to make.” 

“GNS is the perfect place to do that, they will support you doing absolutely anything there, and there are very few places in life that I found where that actually is the case,” he added. 

The Gift of Giving Back:

In recognition of the life-changing opportunities that the school provided, Liam has made a commitment to give back. 

“The reason that I donate to GNS is because it had such a profound impact on me. They sacrificed for me and I really do feel there is some responsibility on me to give it back,” he said. 

He has gone so far as to include in his will that a significant portion of his estate will be directed towards funding a scholarship at the school, ensuring that future generations have the chance to thrive, just as he did. “…there is another me out there who could use that money,” he said.

Liam’s story is a reminder that education has the power to change lives, and by investing in it, we can shape a brighter future for all.