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Generous Donation Fuels Technological Innovation at GNS for TIE Campaign

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Donors invest in 3D advanced technology for TIE campaign.

GNS is embracing a new era of technology and innovation thanks to a substantial donation from a passionate engineer and proud GNS parents, Eric and Jenn Sleigh. 

The couple generously contributed to the school’s Tech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (TIE) campaign, specifically supporting the acquisition of advanced computer hardware to support 3D design and media rendering.

Eric and his wife Jenn have two children enrolled at GNS, one in the Junior School and the other in the Middle School. He said that their motivation for contributing to the TIE campaign stems from a deep-rooted passion for technology and engineering. As an engineer by training and trade, he recognizes the pivotal role technology plays in shaping future career opportunities.

After thoroughly exploring the GNS website and the Annual Appeal Wishlist, they identified areas that would benefit from their support, particularly the enhancement of tech resources. After discussing the idea the decision was made to allocate the donation to advance the school’s capabilities in the realm of 3D rendering technology.

When asked about the impact they hope their donation will have on student creative and technology pursuits, Eric emphasized the significance of providing broader access to cutting-edge technology. The donation is poised to facilitate more complex 3D projects, allowing students to explore and create in ways that were previously beyond their reach.

Eric is a part-owner of a manufacturing and engineering company, and he understands the importance of technology, computers and software in today’s world. By fostering greater access to these resources, he hopes to level the playing field for students, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to explore and develop an interest in technology, regardless of their background.

“With this high end rendering computer, they will be able to see the visualizations of what this technology can create,” said Eric. 

Director of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Jon Hamlin describes the benefits that this new computer hardware will bring to the Design program: “This new hardware creates more opportunities to access complex design projects that demand significant computational power. This access also fosters creativity and innovation by reducing rendering times, making it feasible for students to iterate on their projects more rapidly, which is essential for a learning environment where trial and error play a key role in the educational process. We are incredibly grateful to the Sleigh family for their support and are excited to bring these new resources to our students.”

Access to industry-grade technology is valuable for students, as it opens doors to potential career paths and allows them to design at a scale that is difficult with consumer-level products. Eric’s own Middle School daughter, although more inclined toward the arts, may find herself exposed to the fascinating world of computers, 3D modelling and rendering one day, thanks to these new hardware resources at GNS.

The Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship campaign at GNS aligns with Eric’s belief in providing students with the tools and opportunities needed to thrive in an increasingly tech-driven world. 

The donation represents a commitment to supporting GNS and a desire to give back to the community by sharing the technological resources that have played a pivotal role in his own successful career.

As the GNS community is committed to pursuing innovative teaching and learning practices across all subject areas, the opportunity to integrate 3D rendering technology will have a broad impact, empowering students to explore their creativity and how it can be applied in a variety of contexts.