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The Gift of Giving: Why One GNS Parent Believes in the Power of the Giving Season

Donor Stories
The GNS Gryphon

Erica Chan–a GNS parent and donor–views her contributions to the school as an investment that will shape the future of not only her own children, but the children and families of the entire school community.

Speaking to the importance of adaptability and flexibility within the school, Erica said that the evolving landscape of education on a grand scale requires financial support as we meet the changing needs of each generation.

“As your kids grow, their needs change, and the ability to adapt and be flexible leaves room for growth,” she said, also noting that this approach enriches the learning experience for students.

In a world often overshadowed by consumerism, Erica said that she sees giving back to the community the counterbalance needed in the midst of rampant materialism during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. “The gift of giving is the most powerful gift you can receive—the connectivity to something greater than ourselves.”

Drawing on a personal experience from her photography school days, she added that sustainability can be looked at in a variety of ways.

“I went to a photography school in California that was one of the top schools for 75 years, and then near the tail end of my degree there, it got bought out and eventually it was just sold off for assets,” she said. “I’m still proud of where I went to school, but it doesn’t exist anymore, and what a void that creates.” 

What we’re planting for our kids now will continue to grow if properly supported, and the children of today can reconnect with their roots when they’re older when an institution stands the test of time, she added.

Through the Chan Family Foundation, Erica generously provided a matching gift donation to the Head’s Discretionary Fund this giving season. A matching gift is one that is doubled by others who also contribute to the cause. Erica, as the lead donor, has generously committed to creating a ripple effect that multiplies the impact of each additional contribution. Your involvement can amplify the positive effect of collective giving.

Erica sees matching gifts as a win-win situation. “If you feel like you can get a power up with your donation, why wouldn’t you?” The opportunity to amplify the impact of one’s donation is not only financially beneficial but also serves as a source of encouragement. Knowing that others are contributing fosters a sense of belonging, foundation and community.

Erica’s perspective serves as a reminder that giving is a connection to something greater, a commitment to nurturing growth and a contribution to a legacy that will last forever in the hearts and minds of GNS students, staff, supporters and alumni.

As we reflect on the success of our first ever Giving Tuesday campaign, we are grateful to all our donors who like Erica recognize the importance of giving back to the GNS community.

Thank you for supporting GNS on Giving Tuesday