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Join us for an exclusive series of themed virtual presentations designed to showcase the unique and enriching experiences that define our vibrant school community.
These events are open to all current and prospective families.:

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Giving Back and Paying It Forward

Donor Stories
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A joyful childhood can heal one’s life. We were lucky to come across GNS in the small city of Victoria when I was looking for a kindergarten for my son Samuel.Our children, Samuel and Angela were so fortunate to have such a stellar experience during their time at GNS. The principal, facilities and teachers, in addition to the fantastic view and playground just one small step away from the water are all part of what made GNS a warm and one-of-a-kind special school. I will never forget the memories that were made here. Samuel and his classmates rock climbing in rain boots, playing sports barefoot on the beach, and running and jumping on the lawn. I had more time with my daughter Angela because I didn’t need to drive her to other interesting classes. At GNS, you will find anything you need. I know that the children at GNS are so very blessed and favoured! I believe that GNS is one of the most beautiful campuses in the world, and it is also one of the warmest communities to be a part of. What a profound and meaningful start for my children. Our family gives our best wishes to GNS. Please donate today to support the continuation of this life-changing education for our 800+ students.