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GNS Field Hockey Team Achieves Remarkable Fourth Place Finish at BC Provincials

Five Field Hockey team captains

The Senior Girls Field Hockey Team at GNS soared to new heights and defied expectations this season, securing a fourth-place finish in the BC provincials, GNS’ highest ranking in several years. The five captains of the team reflected on the inspiring dynamics that fueled this victory.

“Last year, we secured the eighth position at provincials, and this year we came fourth. It’s a massive deal for us, especially because I thought we were going to do well, but I didn’t expect us to get as high as we did. I’m really proud we did, I think it was an unexpected season for everyone,” said player Amelie Bate ’24. 

Amelie, positioned as a centre-back, plays an important role in the team’s defence. “I love playing that position. It gives you an opportunity to try new things like trying to hit the ball really high up the field or working on aerial passes.”

Ellie Sutton ’24, also a centre-back, serves a high-centre defence position that required her to actively contribute to offensive plays. Her description of feeling like a “human shield” during certain games indicates the physical demands faced in this role, especially when contending with formidable opponents.

Despite the physical toll, Ellie emphasized the importance of their defensive practice, particularly in handling short corners resulting from various infractions during play.

When asked about their preparation for this exceptional season, the captains highlighted the emphasis on team-building activities. The whole team engaged in various bonding exercises, including team dinners, workouts and even activities like playing murder mystery during their hotel stays.

The shift towards a more collaborative environment was a conscious effort by the team captains to bridge gaps that existed in previous years. They emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, learning from mistakes and understanding that success is a collective effort.

Goalkeeper Kate Flye ’24 said that her job is to communicate with the whole team. “I’m the last one back, so I see the whole field and it’s kind of my role to delegate to people. So I mostly talk to my defensive line where there might be a check or where they can move to, and then they can delegate to the midfielders or to the forwards,” she said. 

The players see mistakes as opportunities to work together on a resolution. “I think that really says something about our coaches–Bunny and Sabrina and Marissa–all three of them just really helped us this season to stay positive and not be so hard on ourselves,” said Kate. 

“Even if you make a mistake, the rest of the team is there for you, and it’s not your fault because we’re a team and we’re all together,” said Julia Roethel ’24.

Julia shed light on her role as a right defender and said that the other defenders bolstered her own success. She emphasized the synergy she feels within the team.

Isla Hunt ’24, a centre midfielder, helps to orchestrate the team’s movements on the field. “She does the most running,” her teammates said. Isla said that she adapts her approach based on the game’s dynamics–adopting a more defensive stance in scenarios that call for that and advancing forward during offensive plays. 

The team’s motto, “peace, love and positivity,” epitomizes their approach to the sport, promoting a healthy and enjoyable playing experience for everyone.

The impressive ranking achieved by the team this year demonstrates that camaraderie, robust support and a positive team culture are crucial. Their success represents a significant accomplishment and sets a standard for the future of field hockey at GNS.