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GNS Student, Finn Adamson, Breaks Vancouver Island Track Record

GNS Student takes home Vancouver Island Record in track.

During his Grade 8 year, Finn Adamson ’27 demonstrated remarkable talent and unwavering determination by securing the VISSAA U14 track and field record in the 800-metres. 

Last year marked Finn’s first-ever track season and he won nearly all of the league 400-metre races while also setting his sights on success in the 800-metre. His strategic training approach involved steadily chipping away seconds in the preceding weeks, culminating in the historic achievement in late May last year.

“I beat the previous record time by 10 seconds, so it was a really good race. I felt really good, and the weather was nice. There was just enough breeze to keep you cool but not so much as to create a prohibitive headwind.”

Finn said that confidence was a key part of his preparation for the record-breaking run. He also faced this particular challenge knowing that he wouldn’t be competing against anyone older than him, as he had in some of the 400-metre sprints, another contributing factor in his confidence as he prepared. 

Finn is gearing up for another track season with the same enthusiasm and determination. “We’ve been doing some pre-season workouts in the Scott Fitness Centre and soon we’ll actually be getting on the track with a team, which will be nice.” 

As a strong runner, Finn said that advice he would give to other aspiring athletes is to surround yourself with support. 

“It’s really nice for me because I have my father’s support, just having him so he can coach me is really nice,” he said. “Find those figures of support and then also take a moment to appreciate your peers and figure out how you can contribute to a better and more supportive environment for them.” 

Finn, now in Grade 9, is already a multi-faceted student. He is deeply committed to his school and various extracurricular activities. 

Finn’s involvement extends to activities such as debate, Model UN and Round Square and he finds that this provides him with diverse opportunities to challenge himself. “I fundamentally enjoy everything about being busy, and if I have the time on my hands, I want to put it to good use.” 

Despite being a few years away from university, Finn already envisions that he will continue to channel his energy into what he is passionate about when the time comes for his post-secondary career.

As he continues to pursue excellence both academically and athletically, Finn serves as an inspiring example, and even a formidable opponent, for his peers at GNS and beyond.