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Let’s Double Down with a Double Zero Campaign!

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As the discussion unfolded, when asked why they want to help, they noted the importance of having a fully engaged community. 

“When you have full engagement from our community it means we have a unified culture – all going in the same direction, all equally doing our part. It means we are more engaged—it’s not just drop off and pick up. It’s healthy for our community.”

“We have a lot to be thankful for. When COVID-19 hit, the school pivoted right away. We can’t ignore that! I don’t know if people are aware that some of the teachers were up until 2 a.m. figuring out how to use SeeSaw/Gryphons Online (GO!), so the kids could have a great experience the next day. Our teachers are frontline workers too.” 

“And are people aware that 95% of teachers and staff donate to the school?  What does that say about their belief, their commitment and their engagement? It speaks volumes! Not only are they a great team of teachers, but they’re also great donors too! Last year 54% of current parents gave to the annual fund, so our parents have some catching up to do. The size of the donation matters less than participation; that’s what’s important!” 

“Most of the donors, big or small at GNS, are also giving time and knowledge through different volunteer channels. It’s vital to do both.” 

Every Family Every Year! 


Have you asked yourself ‘will my gift even matter/make a difference?’ The answer is YES! 

Thanks to a generous donor, gifts made from today until the end of the year will be matched up to $10,000! The more families that donate to the GNS Annual Fund, the more money we raise for our kids. Yours and mine. And YOU decide what to support. 

Participation Rate Donation
54% in 2020 54 + 00 =$5400
100% in 2021 100 + 00 =$10000

Donate today!