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Phase Two to begin in March 2019!

Beach Drive
GNSGNS photo

The Main Building—Phase 2 of Campus Transformation at the Beach Drive Campus—will start in the spring of 2019. In preparation, a fifth Learning Pavilion will be installed this summer, and the removal of the Science Block will commence during March break in 2019. As always, our priorities will remain ensuring safety and minimizing disruption for all. During the summer of 2019 four additional stacked Learning Pavilions will be installed. Along with the newly-created Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten Pavilions and the Boat House, these will provide excellent learning spaces for all students. Next, deconstruction of the Gym and work on the new Main Building (above) will begin, with completion of the Main Building slated for the summer of 2021. There has already been much interest and significant learning regarding construction practices as our students observe the various stages of building. They are very interested in the diggers, cement trucks and dump trucks. Jean Bigelow will be sharing updates with parents of students in each grade regarding specific plans to ensure the GNS Junior School educational experience remains outstanding.