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Junior School Round Square Group Keeps the Fun Going at the Beach

Round Square
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The Junior School Round Square group has been helping to create new ways to foster community down at the Beach. As a result, the group has implemented a Board Game Cafe in the Learning Commons for students to take part in on their lunch break. 

“The idea started back in the first term,” explained Leanne Giommi, Junior School Round Square coordinator. “First of all the group got together and created a set of criteria about what kind of games should be in the Learning Commons.”

Some of the criteria the students came up with was that the games had to be inclusive for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students, they shouldn’t have too many parts of pieces that will get lost, they have to be played within 20 minutes and more. 

Back in December, the group who was helping to implement the new Board Games Cafe at the Beach went downtown to visit Interactivity Board Games Cafe on Yates Street. The owner met with the students before the store opened to talk about the criteria they had come up with. The Round Square group had the chance to listen to the feedback, and then choose multiple games they were interested in and thought might work for their project. They then had the chance to play the games and get a feel for them. 

“We went to the Board Games Cafe downtown and played some games then chose some games to bring to the school for recess for the younger kids to play and for the big kids too,” said Julia, Junior School Round Square member. “It’s been really fun and lots of kids have been coming. My favorite part is playing the games with the little kids and teaching them how to play.” 

“The Grade 4 and 5 group of kids that are part of Round Square have signed up once a week at a lunch recess time to come in and teach the kids how to play the games,” said Ms. Giommi.

The Board Game Cafe has been a great way to help build the school community and with the recent damp and cold weather, students have really been taking advantage of the opportunity.

“It’s bringing the kids all together at the different ages,” said Mrs. Giommi. “Most of the games are the classics, being able to roll dice and count. There’s a lot of great skills for the students.” 

The Junior School Round Square group also kept the fun going at the Beach with a “Bright-coloured Mufti Day.” Not letting those grey January days get in the way, the students were encouraged to wear bright colours and to donate a piece of clothing for Women in Need Society.

Junior School Round Square student Andrew said having the bright-coloured mufti was also a good way to get students to express themselves. 

“Some people just wanted to be themselves and wear something fun,” he said. “They wore bright colours, cool colours.” 

The Round Square students took the lead by organizing the event, making posters, giving announcements at assembly and collecting the donated clothing. They were able to donate multiple full boxes that filled Mrs. Giommi’s van. 

Good job on all of the hard work Junior School Round Square!