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Tech Power Couple Considers Donation to GNS an Investment in Young Minds

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Grade 2 students watching laser cutter

With Bryan’s background in computer science and Alexis’ background in environmental science, they now jointly own a tech company named Elpis 2. This organization specializes in helping utilities optimize their grid systems and advance towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Their company manages approximately a quarter of California’s power grid – a scale equivalent to overseeing a quarter of the entire nation of Canada’s grid.

Bryan highlighted the essential role utilities play in our daily lives, providing us with electricity and water at the touch of a switch.

“The electricity you use is generated on demand, and that means you need high-precision infrastructure to predict what will be needed five minutes from now, five hours from now, a year from now and so forth. Our technology helps the utility understand what their forecasted demand will be in the future.”

The Wrights’ connection to GNS goes beyond their professional pursuits because they also have a child at the school. Their deep appreciation for applied science has driven their desire to support their own child and other youth at the school through the many opportunities provided to expand on technology and innovation learning.

Bryan stressed the importance of helping young people appreciate the full spectrum and the beauty in science and encouraging them to explore the endless possibilities within the field.

When asked about their inspiration to donate to GNS, Bryan emphasized the school’s appeal as a community institution that serves not only their child, but the broader community. He sees it as a win-win scenario because as the community thrives, so do its members. Alexis echoed this sentiment, highlighting the personal connection of having their child attend the school and getting to know the wider school community.

“To be able to support what you guys are looking to incorporate in the curriculum and to be able to give these young kids a chance to play with this technology, it’s going to open so many doors,” said Alexis. “They’re going to have so many different ideas, it’s going to create this wonderful creativity using technology and science, it’s just completely endless.”

The couple’s support for GNS goes beyond the personal realm. When asked why others should consider supporting the school, Bryan stressed the importance of investing in young minds and nurturing their growth.

“It pays itself off because if they age, grow and plant roots here they make the environment better, they bring innovation and business here, and it makes the environment here strong, both economically and environmentally,” he said.

Alexis said that she wished she had the support when she was younger to experiment with technology and science in a hands-on way, especially because science and technology have shaped her family’s current life. “The fact that we can give to our daughter’s community and our neighbours, it’s just a really great feeling, it’s a privilege.”

The duo’s commitment to GNS showcases the power of technology and science, reinforcing the idea that investing in early learners today will pay dividends for the future.