Family Boarding

Family Boarding at GNS

What is Family Boarding at Glenlyon Norfolk School?

Many International students at GNS take part in our unique Family Boarding Program where they live with members of the GNS community. The goal of the Family Boarding Program is to provide a welcoming, safe, supportive, English-speaking, family environment for students from other countries by arranging for them to live with GNS families; either current parents or staff. Every effort is made to match the most appropriate student to a particular family—creating a comfortable and positive experience for everyone.

A great Family Boarding environment is a home away from home for the student. Living far away from your family and friends can be difficult and lonely. Family Boarding host families are expected to care and nurture their student, much like they would their own children, thus contributing to the his/her success improving their English language skills, understanding of other cultures, and the overall experience studying at GNS and living in Canada.

Our Family Boarding Coordinator, Alyssa Byrne (, is here to ensure that each student is matched thoughtfully and carefully with their host family. We offer a level of personalized service that makes us stand apart.

Providing an international student with the best possible experience requires tremendous communication, coordination and effort on the part of the student, their teachers, support staff, the Host Family and their parents. Family Boarding students are important members of the GNS community who add cultural diversity to the school and enrich the experiences of peers and teachers alike.

If you’re interested in learning more about GNS and the Family Boarding program, please contact Family Boarding Coordinator, Alyssa Byrne at or 250.370.6838.

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